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high school scholarship

Are you graduating high school and planning to attend college or university in the next two year?  You may be eligible to apply for a $1000 scholarship. 



Click for more information and to download a printable poster to post in your town. 

tax credit letter for producers

Producers are entitled to obtain taxable benefits on canola check-off deductions that are used to support Research & Development. This year the government has told us that only 80% of the research money is eligible for the tax credit.

Read the complete release here.

MCGA launch plant pathogen surveillance initiative


Manitoba Canola Growers Association (MCGA) is proud to announce the launch of the Pathogen Surveillance Initiative.  This is a grower lead effort, the first project of the initiative will focus on technologies for the detection of low concentrations of clubroot in Manitoba. 

Read the complete release here.

Bees and canola

The link between the canola and honey industries is strong and growing. Simply put, canola is good for bees, and bees are good for canola. Together, they are good for the health of our ecosystem and our economy.

The Canola Council of Canada and the Canadian Honey Council are working together to maintain this mutually beneficial relationship. As we foster communication and co-operation, both the canola and honey industries will continue to grow and thrive in Western Canada.

Learn more about bees and canola here. 


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